Error determining zone_id: 10104 Max auth failures

That’s interesting - thanks for your reply.

I bet Cloudflare are marking whole ipv6 blocks for authentication failures to prevent brute force attacks. @cloonan am I close :smiley: ?

I checked another server that’s failing and it’s similar:

@boian.mihailov are you on linode?

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@petetak yes, that is Linode hosted VM

I’ve added that info to the ticket. Hopefully they will get it resolved soon.


I’m still getting the issues - any word from Cloudflare yet on that ticket? Thanks!

@petetak, no reply yet, but I reverted to using ipv4, because I had a pile of certificates to renew.

Is there any development on that subject?
I am getting the same errors

Any updates on the case? Experiencing the same issue, reported to support, but haven’t heard back yet.

I just got reply from support team last night. No explanation given, they just asked me to check again, and its not. I will just stick to ipv4 for now as a workaround. I suggest you guys do the same … its 25 days now.

We are going to have to abandon Cloudflare unfortunately as this is just not improving and makes the platform unworkable

@petetak just got reply from support team last night, they said “We have made some changes to API rate limiting.”
And that solved the problem for me. You may want to check yours too.


Thanks for letting me know