Error detecting token for custom error pages

I’m trying to create custom error pages, but the system keeps rejecting them saying I don’t have the token required for the error on the page, and I definitely do. Unless I’m putting it in the wrong place? I assume it would be in the body. It’s a simple page I assume. It’s not a pretty error page, but I’m trying to get something working at this point, and then make it look nicer.

Example for the 500 page:

I set it to the above URL, and it gives me a red error ribbon at the bottom saying the token’s not present… UGH.

You not only have the tag in the body but also in two meta tags. I am not properly familiar with how Cloudflare substitutes the token but I could imagine it being present more than once could be an issue. Try removing it from the meta tags and check if that fixes the issue.

hrm. on this service, I do not have control of the meta tags for this page…

Where does it get the content for the meta tags from?

No idea. I know I didn’t put any in there. just the text. in the body. Must be auto-generated by text in body? sigh

True, it does seem as if they copy the body text into the tags. Well, I guess I’d contact Cloudflare’s support at this point. They should be able to clarify if that is the issue or not.

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