Error creating website

Hello! I’m so close to creating a new domain! But I ran into an error. Please see the pic below where I get confused. Thanks!

The ‘www’ site looks to be working, but the server isn’t properly configured for without-www.

Since you already have an “A” record, you can toggle the :grey: to :orange Proxied and add the Page Rule from the tutorial below. You can ignore the part about adding the 192. DNS record since you already have an “A” record.

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Thank you!. I must have created a rule incorrectly though, as it doesn’t appear to work…1 This is a whole new language for me. Do you know if there is a person I can speak to who can walk me through it on the phone?

I completely sent the wrong image! sorry! See below…

That rule is good. Now all you need is to :orange: Proxy your first DNS record. Clicking on the :grey: will let you toggle to :orange:.

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