Error creating the NS entries (ERROR 901: Unexpected RCODE)

I can’t change my NS and no matter what I do I have no success; (can someone help me?

Severity Code Message / Parameters
Error 901 Unexpected RCODE (target, entity, RCODE)

Can you post a screenshot where Cloudflare provided this nameserver?

These nameservers do not announce your domain right now. Open a support ticket and let them have a look at it, something got stuck most likely.

Alternatively you could try to remove the domain altogether, wait an hour, and try to re-add it.

Thx I have heard the domain again and am going to wait for an hour

Problem solved, so I deleted all the zones, but that was not the problem, a few months ago I had pre-tested it with a second account and there was the domain in the system, I deleted it from the account and was able to do that Enter new zone and now it works too;))))

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