Error creating custom error pages exceeding character limit

Hi, I’m trying to setup custom 50x error pages, but doing so results always in an error I cannot explain…

When entering the following url and clicking preview I’m getting this error message.

HTML Code (2318 characters; I also tested the code on resulting in no errors or warning.)

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="de"><head><meta charset="utf-8"><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60"><title>Golf Post</title><script src="/cdn-cgi/apps/head/FgCr_4tu_u0yQUJsjIHoHRR6zio.js"></script><link href=",900" rel="stylesheet"><link rel="stylesheet" href=""><link href="" rel="stylesheet"><!--[if lt IE 9]><script src=""></script><script src=""></script><![endif]--></head><body><div id="error-page"><div class="error-page-bg"></div><div class="error-page"><div class="error-page-404"><a href="/" style="display:inline-block; margin-top:-3.5rem;"><img src="" height="60" alt="Golf Post"></a><h1>Oops...</h1></div><h2>Leider ist ein Fehler aufgetreten.</h2><p>Unser Team wurde verständigt und arbeitet an einer Lösung.</p><div>::Cloudflare_ERROR_500S_BOX::</div><a href="/" class="home-btn">Zum Abschlag</a><a href="/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#acc5c2cac3eccbc3c0cadcc3dfd882c8c993dfd9cec6c9cfd891e9df899e9cc5dfd8899e9cc9c5c2899e9ceac9c4c0c9de899e9ccdd9cacbc9d8dec9d8c9c2" class="contact-btn">Kontakt</a><div class="error-page-social"><a href=""><i class="fab fa-facebook-f"></i></a><a href=""><i class="fab fa-instagram"></i></a><a href=""><i class="fab fa-twitter"></i></a><a href=""><i class="fab fa-youtube"></i></a></div></div></div><script data-cfasync="false" src="/cdn-cgi/scripts/5c5dd728/Cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.js"></script></body></html>

Preview Error message

# Custom error preview failed
Template is too large at 3332291 characters. Please reduce to 1500000 characters or less.

*target:* one of
- cf-error:1000s
- block:ip-ban
- block:rate-limit
- block:client-auth
- block:basic-sec-captcha
- block:country-captcha
- block:adv-sec-captcha
- block:waf
- block:iuam-basic
- cf-error:500s
- always-online:no-copy
- phishing:warn
- regulation:block

*url:* custom template URL to fetch (optional, uses default template when omitted)

Any idea how to solve this?

Setting up custom pages will inline all linked resources, which exceeds the 1.5 MB limit in your case. You’d need to make sure the total size of your page, with all embedded resources, is within that limit.


thanks sandro, that solved my issue!
Cheers, Lutz