Error: Cookies are blocked, wordpress problem with cloudflare

hello i migrated my site lately to another hosting

and I’m facing this problem
Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 6.11.52 PM

i tried all solutions on the internet even the solutions that i found here
by adding page rules still getting the same problem

i added the rule
and added wp-admin rule still getting the same problem

when i turn off Cloudflare proxy ( gray cloud) it works normally so how do i fix this?

I get that if I accidentally cache the login page. Without the actual URL, there’s not much we can suggest.

my site is but i don’t know if that is prohibited to share that’s why i typed mysite

here is my page rule

Rules are triggered in order. Your first rule is what’s causing the problem. Move it to the bottom, and that should be an improvement. Not perfect, because you may still see unwanted cached content.

Since you’re using WordPress, it’d be much better to use APO. It’s free on paid plans, $5/month on the free plan.

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yes im using apo and paid plan for each month but still getting this problem after i transferred my site

and i added these rules before i post here to try the site so i don’t think they caused the problem

I’m getting a 503 since it’s in maintenance mode, so I can’t offer any further suggestions.

please bypass it using it’s a Cloudflare plugin :slight_smile:


i really need help because it’s a Cloudflare related so can you provide help in it

i removed the maintenance mode so can you provide more help now ? @sdayman