Error Connection Reset on Android Chrome

Hi Cloudflare Community, some of our client/end-users are having issues getting access to any our site protected with cloudflare and are receiving ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. They are connecting to our site via browser on Mobile (usually an android device) We’ve gone down physically to try and diagnose the situation but we have not come up with a concrete diagnosis of the problem. What we think is happening is that specific Public IP ranges are restricted from accessing the sites behind cloudflare for some reason. We have flushed all network settings and DNS cache on their device, used Cloudflare’s DNS and we still cannot access the site. We’ve temporarily solved the issue by using Cloudflare’s WARP VPN on their device and we assume it works because it masks the Public IP Address of the device. But still we would like to figure out what the root cause would be. Since we get Error Connection Reset, the request doesn’t even hit the application and we’ve no way to figure out what is happening.

Hi @alfred3,

If you suspect the network, can you try a different telco/ISP and or did you try to use the same network as the mobile device from a working device?

If all else fails, see if you can get a packet capture and see where the reset is from.

Thank you.

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