Error configuring Cloudflare with Wordpress

Hello everyone,

I have Wordpress set up on my domain and have set up Cloudflare for an SSL certificate and added security.

I am starting the web, and when I have configured Cloudflare, there have been problems. First, it wouldn’t let me edit my Wordpress template from the “Customize” tab, I would go in and the preview would stay blank, without being able to see the content of the template.

Afterwards, I deleted everything, Wordpress, Cloudflare… to see if the problem was solved, and I have set it up again.

Now, the main page seems to be visible (it is not designed) with the https, but nevertheless, I can NOT enter wp-admin, it tells me that it has been redirected many times.

I don’t know what I can do, I just want to have my https domain, and be able to edit the design, but it’s getting complicated.

Thank you very much, I hope your help.

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Was your site working with HTTPS before you added Cloudflare? Cloudflare is not an alternative to securing your site with SSL. You need working HTTPS on your site for Cloudflare to work securely.

See this Community Tutorial for tips on fixing too many redirects.

You should make sure that your site is working with HTTPS while Cloudflare is paused and ensure that SSL is set to Full (Strict) when you re-enable Cloudflare.

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