Error config dns help me

Error config dns .com help me.

Image 1:
image 2: http://prntscr. com/lrcyko

Validate the property of hocketoanthuchanhhcm .com.

Can not find CNAME DNS validation record. Wait a few minutes for the changes made to the CNAME records to take effect. Try Again.

1. Add the CNAME record below to the DNS configuration for hocketoanthuchanhhcm .com.

CNAME Host / Label:

fbr54c4ltj7s.hocketoanthuchanhhcm .com

Destination / target CNAME:

gv-dqd2g7o2ophed2. dv.googlehosted. com

2. Click on “Validate” .

When Google finds the DNS record you added, the ownership of your domain is validated. For this validation to remain effective, do not delete the DNS record even after the validation has been completed. (It may take some time for changes to DNS records to take effect, and we will do regular checks if we do not find the record the first time.)



In your DNS tab, can you click the orange cloud icon :orange: so that it becomes :grey: for the CNAME it shows there?

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