Error communicating with origin

When attempting to access my site via Wordpress I get a blank page that only has the following message on it, “Error communicating with origin.”

My IP 4&6 is whitelisted.

I turned off all firewall rules and entered development mode but the problem still happens.

Any clues?

That doesn’t sound like a Cloudflare error message. Oddly enough, the only search results from the Duck are from Electronic Arts for a gaming connection.

Have you tried a different browser or different device? Cellular connection instead?

Yes I have. If I use a hotspot I can get in without a problem.

Same error with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

As it does not appear to be Cloudflare blocking you, and it’s limited to your home IP address, it’s either your Host, or your ISP. And it’s not likely to be the ISP.

Have you asked your host about this?

They can access it just fine. They were getting a cloudflare 1020 error message when they first attempted to access it.

It is very strange. Sometimes I get the error message, sometimes the page partially loads, sometimes it loads with no formatting. Inconsistent.

What firewall rules do you have in place.

I turned off all firewall rule and went into development mode and it persisted.

Can you post a screenshot of the error?

I think the mystery is solved. Damn cryptic error messages. It looks like the issue was with Ezoic. I stoped sending traffic through them and the problem is resolved.

Here is all the error message said.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 1.13.43 PM

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Ezoic again…

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