Error communicating with origin when connecting through specific ISP

I am trying to figure out a solution for “error communicating with origin” when I am opening my website. I only get this error with one ISP. When I use a different ISP, my website loads. I have read on a similar topic that the problem with this was Ezoic and not Cloudflare but not sure how he got it fixed.

Hi Tina,

It’s not clear which error code you are seeing - but take a look at the 5XX tips here:

That said, if you’re seeing something like a 520, 521, 522 occasionally - this implies your hosting provider is blocking or rate limiting some of Cloudflare’s IP space. You’ll need to contact your host and get them to allow everything on to be free from any blocking or rate limiting.

Thanks Simon. Turns out it’s not a Cloudflare issue but Ezoic. They should have manually switched my site over to run specifically through the IPs they provided that need to be whitelisted by my host.

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Glad to hear you got this resolved :+1:

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