Error code

SMTP Error: [550] 5.7.1 This message is rejected by our SPAM filters.

Cloudflare doesn’t route your outbound mail. I suggest you ask your mail admin for assistance.

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my mail admin admin is not helping issues at all, have been asking but no useful results. Please i need a solution.

Please sdayman

What possible option do you think i can explore so i can be able to send out mails from my box. or is there no solution to my problem? I really need a helping hand here.

The most common cause of the “Outlook cannot connect to the SMTP servererror is incorrect Outlook configuration settings. Misspelled mail server name with wrong port setting in Outlook can cause problems connecting with mail server and error occurs while trying to send or receive emails

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First trying pausing cloudflare and check if the email is working.if yes then follow this Email Troubleshooting and if no then it’s your email configuration that’s wrong

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Hello dear, I have tried this solution and yet i still cannot send out email. This is really frustrating my job

You might be triggering some sort of rate-limiting rule they got set up! If you are sending emails (one after the other, in quick succession) then you should wait a few hours, then send the email again! Also, it may be the content of the email that’s to blame for the rejection bounce back! If your message has something like “Buy this COOOOOL product for only $35.99!” then that would trigger most spam filters!

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