Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP w/Origin Cert Installed on Endpoint

I am trying to use reverse proxy to hit an older SuperMicro IPMI device. I’ve gotten an appropriate origin cert and installed in on there, and bypassing CF I can see that it is there. When I turn on CF however, I get this error on multiple browsers and computers. If I attempt to view the certificate, there is not one in the browser. As far as I know everything on my account is set up correctly, is there some way to regenerate that cert or something else I need to do? I was able to do this with my TLD without issue, but it is pointing to a cPanel server with that origin certificate installed. Worked like a charm.

The one thing I’ve come across in the forums is that CF doesn’t like multi-tier subdomains for this (e.g. and that could definitely be it. If anyone agrees I can try out something like and see if that works any better, just don’t want to go jumping to conclusions. Thanks!

If you are trying to use a hostname which is more than one level beneath your actual domain, then yes, that’s it.

You will need a $10/month dedicated certificate from Cloudflare for that.

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Roger that, I’ll try and restructure. Thanks!

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