Error code 532

I just purchase the business and former owner did not know login as the person responsible for website passed away. is displaying error code 522 now. Needing to figure out how to get it back online so I can edit it.

This sort of situation occurs a lot and isn’t always solvable. If you are not technical I suggest you obtain the services of someone who can look at this for you.

Go to and press “Forgot your email” and see if you, or anyone associated now or in the past with the business, receives that email. If not then the Cloudflare account is inaccessible.

Your website files are extremely unlikely to be within Cloudflare. You need to find out who your web host is and ask them why the site is down. You will then likely need to take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at the registrar (that is Godaddy - I hope you have the login for that or you are really stuck) to those for another account or DNS provider.

The site has been proxied behind Cloudflare since 2017 so the history of the host (the last one was Profitbricks) may not be the current host. (See

The business should be paying someone for the web hosting, so hopefully you can find out from invoices or credit cards who that is.

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