Error code 526 in my website now


I’m not sure what I’ve touched but now I’m not getting the main website to work.

→ Error code 526

other webs go okey

Encryption type: Full

Operating system: Debian (Pi-OS Lite)

The main system is OpenMediaVault

I am using a docker with “Nginx Proxy Manager” to manage proxies/certificates.

As I said before it was working but I don’t know what I have touched and now the main domain is not working, the subdomains are working.

Both do not work. In fact, your origin server is unreachable. Make sure your DNS settings are correct and other configs. For more info, check the following Tutorial

Yea i fix this

i genearet certificate witch Cloudflare API in nginx-proxy-manager (docker)

If I put it in flexible mode my website works correctly, but I would like to keep the “Full” mode

Any idea?

with flex mode

That’s not the best idea. Here’s why:

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My problem is install “original certificate” in Nginx Proxy Manager docker

I do not know how to do it and when I have tried I have not succeeded.

I understand that an original certificate is not the same as an SSL certificate and is only valid for communication between the server and cloudflare.

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