Error code 522 to sure

I’m trying to access my website and I renewed it, it keeps giving me an 522 error code, connection timed out, ITS BEEN MONTHS NOW since I’ve been able to successfully open or view it in ANY browser from ANY device. Is this a censorship strategy that’s being kept hush on my website or what? It appears to NEVER LOAD and I’m considering just leaving Cloudflare and GoDaddy and finding a different registrar. How do I fix this?

Please take a look at this tutorial.

If none of the steps work, please pause Cloudflare temporarily.

If the issue persists, contact GoDaddy support.


A 522 error typically happens when Cloudflare requests to the origin (your webserver) get blocked. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

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I completely just messed it up, i found the dns proxy that was screwing it up, but now i am back at square one and have to re enter all my DNS records… is there some way to re enter or go to history of DNS records? I literally deleted the wrong thing and have to re enter all of my DNSN records in. this is frustrating.

You can see if the records you need to restore are in your audit log. You will still need to re-enter them, but it may save you some time reassembling the data.

How do I go about reassembling? This error code 522 is what’s messing everything up

The 522 error is something that you need to fix on your origin server.

okay and as far as origin server, where would I go to locate this Origin server? I apologise for the 10,000 questions.

The origin server is where you host your website. You mentioned GoDaddy earlier. I see that hey hold your domain registration. Do you pay them for web hosting, too?

Your apex name, is currently resolving to the dummy IP of The only time you would ever want to use that IP is when you need a placeholder for a DNS record that is set to :orange: Proxied so that routing can be handled by a rule in your Cloudflare configuration.

I’d start with taking stock of all your parts and taking some notes to help you understand not only what components are involved, but how they all work together. If you are going to host your own site and you don’t have someone that works with you that understands how to make it all work, you are going to need to learn what is involved. It seems like we just type a name in a browser and a page loads, but behind the scenes there is a lot more occurring. Diagram what you expect to happen, and trace your way through the entire process from the moment someone types your domain name into their browser until they see your page load.

This may help fill in some of the unseen pieces that we take for granted.

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