Error code 522 Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www

1- i just deploy webpage using Cloudflare pages with costume domain (small html file hosting on Cloudflare).
2- before that i was host the webpage on other hosting with subdomain, and it work fast and good.

3- in Cloudflare i set add domain, activate email

4- when try add a record or aaa record to make webpage work with www it need ip4 or ip6 but i can not find this information on Cloudflare.

5- i try add cname record:
assume my costume domain:
my deploy domain:

                         first try, add "www" in Name (required) filed and "" in  Target (required)

                          b- add "www" in Name (required) filed and "" in  Target (required)

a and b did not work and give Error code 522

can please help me know how make website work with “www”

for naked domain cname target
if u want www xeeate cname www target
and vukk redirect

to find ip use put 2 cf ns
u will get cf ip but no need i think to put at a record
nay be mvp can correct me I am newbie

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