Error code 520: Web server is returning an unknown error

Hi community,

Need help with following issues
Web server is returning an unknown error

However I went through the following URL but still having an issue. Also purged the cloudflare cache but no luck.
Cloudflare Ray ID: 8499aadfef4936d2

https://Tips fixing error 520

Can i get help please.

You should check the logs on your origin to see if there is an error generated related to the request.

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Here is the solution I used to resolve…

  1. Enable Universal SSL
  2. record type A → @ → ip address (proxied)
  3. record type AAAA → @ → ip address (proxied)
  4. record CNAME → _acme-challenge → challenge-value (challenge value I received from fly - origin server) marked as DNS-only

And it worked…