Error code 22


Hey there!
I am trying to go to my website as a visitor and I get “error code 22” , also when I log as an admin it’s the same problem. If I try enough times it will show me the website but then after 1 minute I will get the same error again. What can I do ?


That sounds like an internal error on your site. Do you have a screenshot or a URL we can try?



Page is loading without any issues.

Can you provide a screenshot please?


It is not, keeps coming and going . I have no idea what incapsula is also (says powered by incaspula)


This is not Cloudflare related. Check your proxy or ask it’s owner if there are any known issues.


The proxy failed to resolve site from host name - My host is Cloudflare .
I talked to iPage , they are my domain provider and they will point the IP to ipage and then want me to point it back to cloudflare once the website is up. Problem is it’s loading alternately. It will load and then 20 sec later it would not. Is there any way you can help me with it? I am paying loads of money for advertising a website that no one can actually reach…


Incapsula is a proxy / CDN like CloudFlare.
I don’t know why you get this error message.

I saw your domain’s nanservers are or were pointing to CloudFlare. Would you mind to post a screenshot with the DNS settings from both, Cloudflare and ipage?


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