Error Code: 1323. But all invoices ARE paid!

I already opened a ticket 3176880.
The person who initially responded was Daniel Anselmo and he said “Upon reviewing this issue, we have opened an internal ticket with our Engineering team” but haven’t heard back in the last 5 days.
I’m stuck as my account is locked but there simply aren’t any unpaid invoices under Account > Billing > Invoices & Documents.
Can someone please let me know what to do or, if from Cloudflare staff, please take ownership of this and resolve it?
Much appreciated.

Same thing happened to me , once they unblock you cant upgrade either. Its not great :frowning:

No need to upgrade for me, not at this stage at least. But just being able to add new client domains which are now queuing up here would be nice. :neutral_face:

Anybody pleeaaaaase?? :weary: :pray:

I have escalated your ticket.


Hi @user6455, we really appreciate your patience. I can confirm in your ticket 3176880 has been solved by our Billing team. Please let us know if you need anything further by replying to the ticket, and it will be automatically reopened.

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