Error code 1292

Hello, I have had my account suspended probably due to not verifying billing within 24 hours. My payment went through, but now there is an incorrect address in the billing address section. However, when I try to update the information to reflect the correct billing address, Cloudflare does not allow it and instead gives me an error code 1292 message. I have tried multiple times to resolve this issue with Cloudflare with multiple submitted tickets but with no response from them on next steps needed to resolve the issue so that I can access my websites, (ticket #13211609, ticket #13184045, ticket #13203103, ticket #13203731, and ticket #2598204). Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this issue? Thank-you.

That’ll make it even slower for you to get a response.

Which ticket ID is the original?

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Those first tickets do not look like regular Support tickets. If those are Trust & Safety tickets (Abuse department), you’re definitely not winning any friends there by opening multiple tickets.

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I believe the right ticket is 13184045, which I believe was a billing ticket that was elevated to a trust and safety ticket. Mr. David, the Cloudflare rep, only said that the account was suspended until I am able to verify my billing, but did not provide an instructions for verifying my billing.

Hi @fumoni2022,

You will need to reply to Trust & Safety to resolve this.


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