Error Code 1097 - Tried to contact support but require existing domain


I have searched and found many reference on what to do when encountering error 1097. All pointed that I need submit a request to support.

However, referring to Zone Banned and/or Other Zone Restricted Errors, after going to page, and Get More Help, I cant proceed to Next as the domain is not listed and cant be added.


You can send an email to Cloudflare’s support@ address.

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@cloonan, this never used to be the case. I specifically contacted support about how someone should get in touch with a 1097 error now due to this and they said that people should still submit the ticket online rather than by email… is there any progress on this? You used to be able to select ‘other’ or similar and not select a domain…

Thank you @shamli, once I get a response from CF, i will update the tutorial post you referred to to reflect the best way to contact support about this.

Good point, not sure if lack of other was in place when that workflow was introduced or if it’s new. We have a troubleshooting tool session this weekend and have added this as a topic to the discussion, will post back when I hear. I know the preferred method whenever possible is to go through the form - it helps the ticket move through the process more easily and makes it easier for the agent to troubleshoot. if that If not possible in this instance, the fallback is to email.

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