Error Code 1020

I have encountered an error code of 1020 from a website. The owner’s ray id is 73714e0b2acf41f0.
How can i find the owner and resolve my issue. I am very irritated with this problem. Please help me out.

From the 1020 Error Tip:

If you are visiting the site, contact the site owner and let them know that you received the Access denied error and ask them to check their Firewall Rules. Only the owner of the site you’re visiting can tell you why you are unable to access the site. Contacting Support or posting here will not result in an answer.

You can try googling the website and see if there is contact info somewhere. This community and Cloudflare is unable to track down owners of websites.

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I googled website but was unable to find owner. I have only found the Ray ID which i have already mentioned above, if any suggestion you want to give please add up.
Thanku For Your Precious Time …
Pulkit Bhansali

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