Error:(Code: 1004)

On October 5, I received a phishing complaint on my website , Cloudflare blocked my entire domain, the website is used for Github mirror pages in order to speed up access in China, what I use is Cloudflare Pages provided service for mirroring, there is no third party server hijacking anyone’s private information, all services are built on Cloudflare, after receiving complaints, I deleted all services about Github, including DNS records, when I tried to When I tried to request a review in order to restore the use of my domain, but an error message popped up: [Internal error processing the URL. This error has been logged. (Code: 1004)]

I hope the Cloudflare team will see this request and help me resolve the issue by restoring access to my domain and removing the phishing complaint!!!

10月5日,我收到了一个关于我网站上的网络钓鱼投诉,Cloudflare封禁了我整个域,网站是用于Github镜像页面,以便加速在中国的访问速度,我所使用是Cloudflare Pages提供的服务进行镜像,不存在第三方的服务器劫持任何人的隐私信息,全部服务搭建于Cloudflare,收到了投诉后,我删除了所有有关Github的服务,包括DNS记录,当我尝试去请求审查以便恢复我的域名使用,但弹出了错误信息:【Internal error processing the URL. This error has been logged. (Code: 1004)】。