Error Code 10000

they just have to wiggle the magic button. :slight_smile:

Checking this now and will escalate if I can reproduce it.


Same problem. No support ticket availability. Tried both Edge and Brave.

Multiple users on the Discord are reporting similar things and we were able to reproduce and escalate there too. #hugops.

Same here, That and the issue with the Stream/Video Upload API

Can confirm, escalating this as a priority.


Thanks Dom

After logging into the dashboard on the bottom of every page a read dialog saying "Internal authentication error: internal server error (Code: 10000) " pops up repeatedly.
Some dashboard pages, like DNS, arent showing information and I cant seem to make any changes.

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I have the same issue & unable to log a Support Ticket.

Here as well, can’t see or update DNS.

Yes, everything seems to be broken right now.

It’s a known outage - Error Code 10000 - #10 by domjh

Internal authentication error: internal server error (Code: 10000)
Help me to solve this problem thanks

There’s an outage at the moment.

I’m getting this too as of a few minutes ago. Logged in, tried to do something and got this error after being on our page. Now it looks like all our DNS entries are gone.

This has been escalated on the highest priority and Cloudflare are aware of the issue.


I have checked and all the other posts and they do not help. I checked the status page and it says the website is fine. Idk what I should do.

You should wait. It’s being worked on.

Same here. Also, in my case, Tunnel stopped working.

I have confirmation teams internally are checking on this.