Error: Cloudflare error: Unknown X-Auth-Key or X-Auth-Email [403]



I installed Hummingbird plugin and set up my Cloudflare with it. It was working fine at first but my wordpress ran into some other issues at some point so I deactivated all plugins. When I activated them all again and tried to connect Cloudflare by adding my Email address and API keys, I get the error and can’t connect it. I searched for any solutions but no success. If anyone knows solutions please shed a light.



Hi there - did you ever get this resolved? If not please file a ticket with support @ cloudflare (if you haven’t already) and let me know the ticket number.


Thanks, Ryan. I rebuilt my site and it seems working so far.


Dear colleagues, a simple consultation.

I need to change my e-mail, but I am afraid that in doing so I should modify the data used by the WordPress plugin and also in cPanel one by one.

I understand that the e-mail and API-key are both necessary and are linked together, so changing the email will break the operation of plugins. Is it like that?

Change the e-mail, break the connection already made or still work?

Thanks for the clarification.