Error clicking on link from Facebook

I have customers that are getting an error clicking this link from the Facebook mobile app:

It shows that the website it down. Then, when I click to open the link in a browser, it shows “Do you want to download”? If I click the X on that popup, the site will finally open.

This is what happens: Dropbox - Link not working from FB.MP4 - Simplify your life

Anyone know why this is happening?

I can’t seem to reproduce it, I get a login screen… Can you share some screenshots?

I have only been able to reproduce it from the Facebook app on my iPhone.

Did you watch the video?

Sorry, completely missed the link :sweat_smile:

The first error I fear is a problem with the Facebook app, which is unrelated from the actual website. The second one might be something to with the additional query string Facebook adds to each URL. I am wondering if it’s due to something on the server when seeing that query string, as I can’t see how Cloudflare can cause this kind of issue.

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Okay thanks! It’s so weird because I haven’t seen this happen with any of my other URL’s.

Yeah, it might be due to the specific case of having a login page…

I just noticed it I change the link to :: Training Authors Products :: then it works. I wonder why it won’t work with out the /site/login/? Any ideas?

Yeah, it’s server side… if it changes due to the path, some path is misconfigured as there are 2 redirects, from what I can see.

Thank you! What does that mean it’s server side?

I use Everlesson to host my classes. Would it be something from them? Or Cloudflare?


Thank you!

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