Error: cheking your browser

hi , i cannot acces to my website ‘’

‘’ since this morning ? its due to the maintenance ? anyone facing to this issue ?

Likely your Cloudflare account or your hosting account has been compromised. If that site is it is fake.

For Cloudflare…
Check for unexpected page rules and redirect rules:

Check for changes to your account in the audit log:

Resecure your account:

  • change the password
  • set up 2FA
  • change your global API key and any tokens; look for newly created tokens

I saw one today where the redirect wasn’t in Cloudflare, but in some JS at the host, so check there as well.

2024年1月30日(火) 3:19 sjr via Cloudflare Community <[email protected]>:

Hey, some one hack my account and change the IP ! its solve thank you for your help