Error checking mail for your external accounts

After making a full setup of Cloudflare with my website hosted at Hostgator, I am getting an error message in Gmail as:

Error checking mail for your external accounts. As I was using all my webmail accounts in Gmail to send and receive emails.

Also, I can see a warning sign on the MX record row that “This record exposes your origin IP.”

Please help to fix this error.


Cloudflare doesn’t proxy email, so email-related hostnames need to be set to :grey:. Your ‘mail’ DNS record needs to be set to :grey:.

Since it sounds like you’re hosting email and a website on the same server, you can’t hide your web server’s IP address because that same IP address is for email.

That should work as long as your mail clients are configured to send and receive through the ‘mail’ hostname.

Thanks for the reply. But It doesn’t seems to b working from my side. :frowning: I am able to use TLS mode to send and receive emails but I want to use it with SSL mode.

That’s completely up to your mail host. Cloudflare is not part of that connection.

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