Error certificate service (Code: 1403) & ERR SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH


I migrated a website to a new cloud hosting provider and created a second project with a subdomain.
After i was ready and procceded from the development and the update stage on the old project i went live and as usual i went to cloudflare and configured the dns records, updated the nameservers and so on.

For over a month now i get ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH on both the main domain and the subdomain. I contacted my provider and we tryed everything, from Let’s Encrypt SSL’s, Wildcards, getting an ssl from cloudflare, uploading to cloudflare and nothing seems to fix this.

When i Pause cloudflare everything seems to work and i cna visit my websites. Currently my settings are:
On the provider i have a Let’s encrypt SSL on main domain, Wildcard on the subdomain.

On cloudflare i added the Wildcard as a CNAME with proxy status DNS only

Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (Strict)

Always Use HTTPS On
Opportunistic Encryption On
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites On

Disable Universal SSL (Already tryed enabling and disabling with varius other settings mixed, but nothing)

Minimum TLS Version 1.0 (Default)

The Edge Certificates is on Initializing status for all this time. I’ve even tryed to remove this project from cloudflare, changed the nameservers and then retryed to move it again.
In the forum i found many suggestions and fixes, still nothing worked for me (

Any advices or someone who had the same problem?

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This is the problem, and it looks like you’ve tried everything. You’ll have to email support: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Of course I have tried to contact them, but for the free plan there is absolutely no support. I get bot replies. Here is an email i got 2 weeks ago, eventually i stopped trying and got into the community to search for a fix.

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Just for my information, how many times did you reply to the same ticket? It’s extra hoops to jump through, but I hear if you reply to the second bot message, the ticket will stay open and escalate.

Can you post the ticket #? I’ll see if I can push it to someone who will work on the issue.

I tryed 2 times, i read in the message that i had to reply in order to escalate, like you said. Maybe i had to try more.

#2220536 I tryed today to reply. The result is that the ticked reopened once again as you can see in Created and last activity timmings.

Really appreciate your help!

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#2208057) is the first ticket i’ve opened when i realized that something is wrong and it got closed almost instantly.

I put this thread in the escalation queue. In the mean time, just to keep things lively, any time your 536 ticket closes without a solution, reply to it again.

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Hi @accounts116 - sorry you’re stuck without SSL here. Something definitely looks “stuck” here - can you resume cloudflare for your zone and visit your Edge Certificates for us:

Try pressing the Disable Universal SSL button… wait a minute and then press the Enable Universal SSL button. This should reset the process.

I have already tried that in the pas many times.

Though i tried it again and still nothing.

The status still on initializing and the websites are not working!

OK - thanks for trying this - let me escalate internally to understand what might be happening. I’ll make sure we reply on the most recent ticket for you.

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