Error before Upgrade to php 7.4

I got this message before I decided to upgrade PHP from PHP 7.3.20 to Php 7.4.

Does anybody face the same issue? if I upgrade can this error affect my website?
I found another topic after searching on the forum discussed the same issue but it was not clear if it’s secured to do this step or not.

I post topic to get recommendation from any user face this and do the upgrade without any issue.
Shall we do it or just wait ?

Well, did you read the linked thread?

So, its not an error during runtime?
Regarding the recommendation not to upgrade, I can’t comment on other errors, but these two should not be a problem I’d assume. That compatibility plugin does not seem to go too much into detail.

yes I read it, I’m not sure if I understand what does runtime means
So upgraded will not affect on website speed, or on the linked between my website and Cloudflare
excuse my little knowledge about all this stuff :sweat_smile:

When the code is being executed.

Nothing at all. This is just a false warning.

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Thank you, Dear, :relaxed:
I will do the upgrade with confident now

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