Error automatically deleting subdomains

I have 1 question?
I added the subdomain but it is automatically removed from cloudflare after a period of time for example 1 day or 1 hour, should I know what is wrong and how to fix it?

Do you use Ezoic?

No I only use hostinger

Check the Audit Log at the top of for the entries showing the record deletion. It should show you what’s doing it. Usually with an IP address.

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I did it right and access normally but after a period of a few hours it was automatically deleted from me I’ve been re-adding it continuously for a few days now because my page is running ads it can’t be error like This is okay, please show me how to solve this problem, thank you

Did you try what I just suggested?

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I’m still having that problem now I have to re-add it manually to get my subdomain working I’m so confused :frowning:

Hi @hoangbgt,

What did you find when you followed @sdayman’s advice?

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Yes it is working


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I’m using wordpress. I added the subdomain properly and got it, but 1 day later it was automatically removed from cloudflare, tell me why this error happened, and how to fix it this?

May I ask if you are using some third-party vendor like eZoic Ads or any other service/integration with your domain for your Cloudflare account?

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Possible duplciate or related of the existing topic from below - Hostinger?

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