Error Authentication code. (Code: 1017)

Good morning,

When try to logging in 2FA on my cloudflare account, appears error 1017. I lost the backup codes. My account is Free and I can’t contact cloudflare. I had to create this account to be able to ask the community for help because the peoples can only make a post if they have been connected in account, as I can’t connect, I have to create this new account. how should I proceed?

You certainly can. Use the email address associated with your account and email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Here’s more info on 2FA and recovery:

When I click on support, it shows a page that only contains help links. At the bottom of the page are two links, Ask the Community and Submit a Request. To submit a request, you need to login into your cloudflare account. Can I submit the request via this new account I created today?

No, you don’t. Please re-read my original response.

Sorry. I understand AT now. Thanks.

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