Error associating PAGE with IDN

Bought a International Domain Name (estilomangá.com - notice the accent on the last “a”).
Translating to Punycode: estilomangá.com

Created a page, and when i tried to Activate the custom domain, it says “An unknown error occurred (…) Code:8000000”.

What’s your

It works on the non-I DN

I tried manually setting up the IDN CNAME to target the Dev page but with no luck.

Should work now, can you retry?

It worked, thank you so much. I added a custom domain to the page, with the IDN, and it didn’t present the error. Then it stayed on the validation phase, then it changed to invalid. I clicked on manage dns, and all of the sudden it changed to Active.

I will do the same with another IDN in the following days, so maybe I’ll record my screen and if anything goes wrong or glitchy I’ll post it here.

For now, this is closed with success for me.
Thank you.

Just a tip - I tried purchasing that same IDN on Cloudflare and it didn’t work - had to purchase on another registrar. Didn’t try the punycode though.

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