Error: API Request Failed: GET / api / v4 / entitlements (403)

hi i have a very simple query i guess because i dont really configure much in cloudflare.
I’m seeing the following error in a red tab at the bottom of my panel and I don’t understand how to fix it or why.

Could you give me a hint please?

API Request Failed: GET / api / v4 / entitlements (403)

That sounds like you are trying to do something that is not allowed at your plan level.

Can you give us a hint about what you were doing, and what plan your domain is on (Free, Pro etc.)

the plan is free, thanks for your reply

What where you trying to do when you received the error?

just enter the panel where it shows me the speed of the site and those issues (the blue speed tab or icon, at the top of the panel)

so that’s where I see a red bar below as a footer, or an alert box with that message. from my hosting they told me to check here because there seems to be no problems on the other hand.

I’m just wondering if it’s possible that I can do something about it to remove that. thanks for following the conversation