Error Analytics documentation is incorrect

According to this documentation:
I should be able to perform a search to get the specific error information, however, I do not have an Add Filter button in my interface and I cannot see the individual logs. Did I need to upgrade to a business account to get logs? That makes it rather difficult to troubleshoot, don’t you think?

Should just need Pro to get the Web Traffic Analytics

There is also this older support error analytics page:, only accessible via direct access/magic links as far as I know, used to be part of the old support flow, and used to be what that guide referenced.

You wouldn’t get exact logs eitherway, only rough analytics. If you are having issues with your origin, it should be able to be troubleshooted without those anyway, although they may help.

Bless you, Chaika! Thanks for the old link.

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Hi @joesolinsky

The web traffic analytics is only available on any paid plan.

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