Error Analytics - differentiate planned maintenance 503 HTTP status codes

CF Support page’s error analytics lists all error HTTP status codes for domain zone but there’s no way to differentiate a 503 HTTP status code that is planned vs unplanned. Planned as in 503 maintenance mode manually triggered by site owner.

Some uptime monitoring services allow you to set a manual maintenance period where the site owner put the site into 503 maintenance mode. Would be great if Cloudflare could offer a dashboard option for such + also a CF API endpoint so we can automate toggling 503 known maintenance mode with our own maintenance script/processes and tag the events as such i.e. during extended backups or site maintenance.

So you end up with maybe 503 errors broken down into

  • 503 planned
  • 503 unplanned

For instance all my 503 errors shown below are mostly due to one hostname being in site 503 maintenance mode.