Error after submitting my website to cloudflare

before Cloudflare ,my website was working fine. but when i change my name server to Cloudflare it shows HTTP service working fine, Database also Connected Successfully
nothing else.
please help

What is the domain?

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can u help me please , bcos my website is down since morning after doing this

Did your site work with HTTPS before you switched to Cloudflare? Looks like it could be a server issue with HTTPS connections…

yes previously my site was from another registrar and https was working fine
but yesterday i changed my provider .at that time it was working fine without https

Do you have a cert installed on your server?

which certificate ? Cloudflare ?

Have you got an SSL certificate installed on the server. i.e. a Cloudflare origin certificate or one from another provider?

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do i need to install it on my hosting server ?

Yes, try installing a cert there. You can use another provider’s or generate an origin cert in the SSL/TLS app of the CF dashboard.

I think the error you get may be a server issue with serving the page over https

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