Error accessing resources protected by Cloudflare

Trying to access some of the resources protected by Cloudflare in my corporate network I get the following error: Error 1020 Ray ID: 663ec5fc0f050221.
The issue is probably caused by the corporate proxy my company is using, which also does tls interception for security reasons. Trying to access the same resource from home I don’t have such issue.
Do you know what could cause the issue and how it can be prevented without contacting the owner of the website (since it’s happening for multiple resources)?

Hi @mario.gallios82,

If you have access to your own site on Cloudflare where you can reproduce this, you could check the firewall events log to see what is blocking you. Without that, it’s difficult to know what to suggest as it is most likely due to rules added by the sites in question, which Cloudflare cannot do anything about.


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