Error accessing my account

Hello, I had to create this Cloudflare account to be able to open this ticket, my official account is with the email … Dear good afternoon, I haven’t had access to my account for 2 months, when I try to access my username and password, it shows an error right away, I have two-factor authentication active in my plan but it’s not giving me the option to insert then I believe the error may be there, … Can you help me?

what is the error, can you share a screenshot?

And can you share a screenshot of that?

Have you explored recovery options here?

Uploading: Capturar.PNG…

Can anyone help me?

Can you provide a list of steps you are taking so we can see exactly where in the process this is happening?

Also have you tried in a different browser or in a private/incognito window?

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could you share the name of a zone in the account you are having issues with?