Error access website


Dear sir i have big problem :slight_smile:

My website
Thanks you very much


You havent set up any DNS records. You need to do that in your DNS control panel.


Where on my host???


No, on Cloudflare.


Okay i will try now thanks you


Where here??? I dont understand where made change please?


It might be best to remove the domain altogether and start from scratch. When you set up the domain Cloudflare should import well-known hosts automatically. You probably skipped that step when you set it up originally.


So i need to restore default dns on



  • Switch to the original nameservers
  • Remove the domain from Cloudflare
  • Wait until everything has propagated
  • Add the domain again to Cloudflare
  • Make sure your records are properly imported
  • Switch back to Cloudflare’s nameservers


Okay thanks you i will try it