ERROR about "Route not found" when dump()

Dear all && team,

Hello. It seems that there is an issues with dump() function when use D1 Open Alpha database.

I’ve maked a control experiment. Steps to reproduce are easy:

  1. Use your already existed D1 database or just create two new empty D1 database, one is Open Alpha database, another is legacy alpha database.
  2. In the worker script, use the demo codes from
 const dump = await db.dump()
 return new Response(dump, {
     status: 200,
     headers: {
         'Content-Type': 'application/octet-stream'

  • With legacy alpha database, it will just work and get the correct ArrayBuffer result.

  • With Open Alpha database, it will throw the error by get the json text result as below:
    {"success":false,"error":"Route not found"}

Mmm… Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile: