Error 81054 when adding DNS record

I’ve looked at the existing topic for this subject. And I’m still not entirely clear.
I’m attempting to add a DNS “A” record type.
When I do this the error indicates that there is an existing CNAME record. Why does the error tell me there’s an existing CNAME when I’m attempting to add an “A” record.

You cannot have both A and CNAME record configured at the same time with the same hostname, only one of them.

You cannot have DNS record for the same hostname pointed to the two different sources.

You are going to have to decide where you want those hostname to resolve to.

First remove the existing one, then add a new one.

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But they don’t have the same value. One is an IP address and the other is a domain address string.

May I ask you post a screenshot of your DNS records → please mask/hide the IP addresses due to privacy conserns, if so.

Are you trying to have A www pointed to IP and A pointed to IP, but having CNAME www or CNAME already with some target somewhere, for example if using some 3rd-party integrator or clickfunnels or any other service?

Thanks for the reply. I have an IP address to AWS that I’m trying to setup on the subdomain as an A record. When I do this error 81054 indicates that there is an existing CNAME record.

A CNAME record is effectively the same an A record. But instead of directly specifying an IPv4 address, it tells the client to use the address of another domain.

For example, might have a DNS record: CNAME
This tells the client to lookup the address of A

In another world, could have the following record instead: A

In both of those examples the client ends up contacting

That is why you cannot have both an A and a CNAME record for the same domain - they could be conflicting.

I appreciate the example. But I believe what I’m trying to do is set up an A record on the subdomain which goes to one location and a CNAME which paths to a different direction.
IONOS is my registrar and there doesn’t appear to be a problem there with multiple records.
But Cloudflare did not import those other DNS records when I connected.

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