Error 8000000 when I deploy Pages

Hi, I can’t deploy Next.js pages. I see the next error:
An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or
Cloudflare support: [code:
8000000]. Looks like all was built successfully but upload doesn’t work.

My “npm run deploy” is next:
“deploy”: “npm run pages:build && wrangler pages deploy .vercel/output/static”

I tried to create a new Next pages app using:
npm create cloudflare@latest my-next-app – --framework=next
But the same issue when I run npm run deploy


Sorry you are having issues this error typically means that your github account you are trying to use is linked to another Cloudflare account. Can you try unlinking it following the instructions below then re-linking it? Then try the deployment.

Thank you. My problem is gone. I don’t know why.