Error 552 while trying to access HTTPS website


I have the domain which is hosted by GitHub pages and is accessible through HTTPS. But is hosted from my personal server which doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate. In an attempt to make accessible through HTTPS, I changed the domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare, made sure is set to :orange:, and enabled full SSL. But still times out

Does my server need an SSL certificate as well? Are there any other alternatives?


This is likely due to your SSL setting (in the Crypto tab). This should explain what they mean (also the help text):

And why we would not recommend the insecure Flexible SSL: Why we recommend you don't use flexible!

Can you try setting up SSL/port 443 on your personal server? You can get a free SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt or you can download an “origin certificate” (only valid between Cloudflare and your server):

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