Error 552 on webserer

I have just moved to Cloudflare and now struggling to reach my exchange server.
Getting 552 error.
All working before moving name servers.
DNS list shows my target ip for the dns entry correctly.
Any clues as to fixing this?
Site has a pki installed and is current.

Just to add, NSLookup doesn’t return the correct ip address though.

Shows as proxies in Cloudflare, how is this different to just dns? Sorry quite new to this.

Unsure of this particular type of error code. Where do you see it?

You are seeing the proxied ips of Cloudflare.

If you switch to DNS, then your origin ip would show. If you switch to proxy, Cloudflare ip would reflect.
For more info, you may learn the CF concepts here:


Cheers for the reply @neiljay
I changes from proxied to dns and i can now access the webpage.
Need to look into it a bit more so i can use the proxied address.
Or maybe DNS had not fully updated.


so the 552 error is a webpage shown by cloudflare when conencting to the owa exchange page., I know it has connected as the correct address is shown in the address bar with the ssl padlock.

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