Error 550: turn on the SMTP Authentication


I have run out of ideas. You don’t seem to have a Error 550. I don’t know where to turn on the SMTP Authentication and Bluehost doesn’t either. HOW do I fix this… please…

Webmail on Bluehost is no longer working. Outlook stopped yesterday afternoon. My business is virtually DOWN.

When I try to send an email… this is the error.
<[email protected]>: host[] said: 550-Please turn on

SMTP Authentication in your mail client, or login to the 550-IMAP/POP3

server before sending your message.

( 550-[]:36784 is not permitted to

relay through this server without 550 authentication. (in reply to RCPT TO


That “dc” hostname means you’ve set your mail server’s hostname to :orange: Proxied. All mail-related hostnames need to be set to :grey: DNS-Only, as Cloudflare does not proxy email. Hopefully you have a dedicated hostname for mail, such as

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I have repeatedly for the last week…deleted and readded this MX record and it refuses to become “active”. I assume it isn’t active it it shows with the triangle box.

Following your directions, I unproxied “mail” - refer to image.

Still “no go”!

Any errors in relation to SMTP are between you and your mail provider. Bluehost have some support documentation for SMTP authentication.

Apparently not… My webmail isn’t working. IF the Bluehost mail servers are not receiving mail. This is a bigger problem.

I tried CloudFlare about two years ago and gave up due to this complexity. SURELY there is a way to make this work.

I can’t go another day in my business without my emial.

Bluehost suggested I delete my Outlook accounts…BUT that doesn’t solve any problem if the Bluehost MAIL server is not receiving email.

NOT one of the education emails is helpful… I have researched this for a week.

Are you still getting that same error message about “host”?

Who hosts your mail? Is Blue Host’s server? If they are hosting the server and don’t know what SMTP authentication is… :facepalm:

Most of the emails or KB articles related to mail from Cloudflare say that your mail related hosts should all be DNS Only… :grey: . Are all of your mail (sending and receiving) related hosts in your DNS control panel :grey: ?

Hovering over the triangle box will show this exposes your origin IP, which is normal and expected. This is also covered in the tutorial link directly above the post.

Again, all of your mail related records need to be :grey: Records like POP and IMAP are mail records. Your mail hosting provider should be able to tell you what if any other records you need to have exist to use their mail system. All of those need to be :grey: as the article above states.


Forgive me… I watched the video as well as the others. I have ensured I have followed the steps.

As Support, You can SEE inside my account. I did follow the steps BUT somewhere I have a problem that I can’t resolve.

My email is still down.

I’m pretty sure it’d be a different error now since you unproxied the mail record. Unless whatever is sending and/or receiving mail is not pointed at the ‘mail’ hostname.

Here is a complete - total - glance…

As I reviewed these “A” records, I discovered that several of them do not apply and I didn’t know where they came from. SO, I deleted: cpcalendars, cpcontacts, and whm. These have nothing to do with me.

Could there be other “trash” settings that I need to remove…?

Also, it is as though my account was shut down after I uploaded the previous image. Suddenly, I was logged out of everything…

Are you saying that I show have left the mail “proxied”?

I unproxied it as a possibility to fix the problem.

The error never changed… Error 550.

Everything is pointed to

These were the settings I STARTED with… when trying to resolve Error 550.

I removed the proxied when I read that CloudFlare cannot proxy mail.

This is GREEK…

‘mail’ should be unproxied. But your initial error message looks to have been caused by something looking at the MX record that was pointing to a proxied hostname. That should no longer be the case.

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Hello… my persistence really will pay off… I know you are tired of my not “getting it”… but I must. Perhaps, I am your not-so-normal-user…but what you don’t know is that I built huge infrastructure in banks (intranets, eComm DMZ, Vulnerability Mgmt Frameworks and Enterprise Security Platforms encompassing 50+ countries. I really understand technology…yes, I may have worked with the firewall teams but I didn’t implement firewall rules except in my own tiny DMZ in my home where I set up honeypots for the folks at the bank to compromise to find vulnerabilities.

Guys… even I am in a new world when it comes to DNS and yes I used the 3DNS and F5 load-balancing.

Perhaps I am your in-between customer… Even in my groups they don’t understand my words because I speak engineer terminology - not a human language in the real world.

As a business owner, I am learning how to communicate. You guys have a tough job - no doubt! It almost takes a rocket scientist mind to “get this” and my friends would say I am definitely up for the task… except… now we are speaking about a new term only mentioned yesterday after discovering that my MX record is correct but is not being translated from to mail.wewebdesigner.

You sent the email… I forwarded this to Bluehost…because -no surprise- like me, we don’t speak your language. I am trying… you can see I am trying.

My next step is the Grey Cloud… I have no idea what this is. The attachment that Priyanka sent was not attached…missing in both the emails… So I cannot take action…

As I go back through my emails… mis-communications is occurring because the attached images are stripped out of the emails and cannot be viewed or saved. Here is another example…

You’re certainly giving it your 110%. At this point, I’d suggest you pull out all the stops:
From the Overview Page, lower right corner, click “Pause Cloudflare on Site.” This will :grey:/unproxy EVERYTHING. Then your domain will be DNS-Only and everything will be a direct connection to whatever your DNS record points to.

I’ll also say it again: Your original error message should no longer be happening, but you have not responded with what the current error is showing.