Error 5413 when uploading a 20 MB image (.jpg)

According to the Images Docs the maximum file size is 70 MB. I am seeing ERROR 5413 returned when uploading via the API and Images dashboard.


ERROR 5413: Maximum image size is 20000000 bytes
ls -la | grep _U2A3564.jpg
-rwxrwxrwx   1 ryan  staff  20218343 Feb 18  2021 _U2A3564.jpg

It’s definitely under 70 MB.

The 70 MB size you’re referring to sounds like it’s for Image Resizing as opposed to the Images product.

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Ah you’re correct! I was looking at Resizing docs. The file size limitation for standard Images is 10 MB in those docs. My first test image was closer to 15 MB so I guess I will be happy with the 20 MB limit I’m seeing now.

Thanks again.

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