Error 5403 Trying to activate CF Images bundle

I am seeing this error when trying to purchase the “Starter Bundle” for Cloudflare images. The error reads: “The given account is not valid or is not authorized to access this service (Code: 5403).” Oddly, the error appears after going through the purchase screens, and what appears to be a successful purchase. The purchase does no go complete through, and I get an email saying there was an error in the purchase.

I’m not sure how to understand this error or resolve it. I was using separate legacy Image resizing and Stream subscriptions, but cancelled them both to be able to switch to this new bundle. I have received email notices saying those former subscriptions have been cancelled and they do not appear in my list of active subscriptions.

This may be more of a billing issue, but that’s unclear also.

I would appreciate any advice. My site is currently not displaying images because I have a worker that relies on Image resizing.

Thank you.

Looking into it now

Sent you an email.

While investigating, I have temporarily disabled my worker that uses Image resizing. This will allow default host images to work again on my site. Less urgent now!

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