Error 526 with Full (Strict), Cloudflare origin cert, Universal SSL

Today I went ahead and installed CF origin certificates for all my domains (15) that are using Cloudflare.
Now the weird part is if I set the SSL modes to Full (Strict) some of my domains throw a error 526. When using Full instead of Full (strict) I’m right away able to access the sites. I’ve double checked that the origin certs installed are for the correct domains.

I’m wondering if there’s a waiting period? One of the domains that previously threw a 526 error when set to strict now works. I’m not sure if I changed a setting with that one, or if it was a matter of patience.

If you get a 526 that would point towards an invalid certificate. What’s the domain?

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I believe there was some delay here, not sure if the delay was from my origin server or from CF but all domains are now set to Full (Strict) and there’s no issue.

To anyone else who stumbles across this same issue, and for sure knows their origin certs are configured correctly with universal SSL active. I’d set it to Full and wait a while before setting to Full (Strict). I waited a day but I’m sure it doesn’t take that long, just didn’t want to risk 526 during the day.

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